"Everyone is needed, but no one is necessary"

~ Bruce Coslet

Philoveracity Introduction

Thank you for your interest in the services of Philoveracity Design.  The choice of the use of professional services for the promotion of your endeavors is an important choice that will yield results. In a like manner you can be assured that the quality and standard of work that Philoveracity delivers will be nothing less than excellent. 

Web Development is a comprehensive process that necessitates lots of communication there will be lots of interaction and planning performed to bring your project to it’s full potential. With this in mind we will definitely want to keep the lines of communication open as best possible. Feel free to contact me at any point throughout the project with inquiries or concerns.

Phone: (951) 547-0896

Mobile: (281) 777-5826

Email:  [email protected]

Our Next Steps

At this point the next few steps as outlined below will be the route we take:

  1. Initial detailed phone planning session (filling in the gaps of the planning document)
  2. Client Blueprint Delivery & review
  3. Blueprint discussion session
  4. Client Blueprint acceptance

With these steps completed we will then be able to move forward with the remainder of the project. Thanks once again for your interests in Philoveracity Design I will be in contact with you soon.


Verious Smith III

Philoveracity Design • Founder & Creative Director
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